Our Story

Our story begins with the Pham family and their dream of restoring the ash-covered lands at the end of the Vietnam War to farms teeming with life and abundance. Following the Vietnam war, Sy Pham and his son Nam Pham set out to convert the  scarred highlands of Vietnam into lush plantations that produce the finest coffee South East Asia has to offer.

Continuing the tradition, in 2010 the two sons of Nam, Mac Pham and Loc Pham, expanded to the Bolaven Plateau of Laos, exploring new breeds of coffee tree without sacrificing their commitment to quality.

The next chapter opens when the young grandson of the Pham, Thien Pham, moved to Canada. Living in a foreign land, Thien sought out Vietnamese coffee to remind him of home. Despite Canadians drinking more coffee than tap water, he was surprised by the absence of family-farmed coffees… and decided to do something about it! He founded Tasse Coffee with a simple mission, share authentic South East Asia coffees refined over three generations with Canadians. With the mantra “From Farm to Cup”, Tasse ships green beans from Asia to Manitoba, where prairie roasters prepare each batch to match western tastes without sacrificing the trademark flavours of the Pham family farm.

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So where are you located?

As a new startup, we are working to establish a permanent location. Currently we operate out of Winnipeg, Manitoba with a local roaster ensuring that every batch meets the quality standards that Canadians deserve for their coffee. We provide an online store to order coffee directly to your home. Our coffee is also available in stores, restaurants, and festivals across Manitoba to meet your coffee needs wherever you go!

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Where does Myanmar come in?

To achieve Tasse’s goal of sharing flavours from across South East Asia, Tasse has reached out to family-farms in Myanmar with the same commitment to their craft as the Pham family. Tasse’s vision of “From Farm to Cup” remains strong as we ship green beans to Manitoba where they are roasted with as much care as their Vietnamese and Laos cousins.

Myanmar – Another Southeast Asian nation is making waves in the coffee business just the last couple years even though it has a long history as a coffee producer, which is not widely known. Coffee beans were introduced to Myanmar as far back as 1885, but it was not until the 1930s that they were grown in Shan State where the elevation is about 1,100 – 1,200 metres above sea level. Plus the cool, low humidity weather, and ample rainfall, which is ideal for growing Arabica bean varieties. This has brought Myanmar being recognized as a producer of high-grade, "specialty" coffees with unique flavors.

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