Tasse Coffee

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  • Viet Legend - Smooth chocolate and sweet with low acidity, this Single Origin, medium roast coffee comes from the Central Highland of Vietnam
  • Robusto - Bold, toasted nuts with hints of tropical fruits. This Single Origin, medium roast Robusta is a must-try. It might be the best cup of Robusta ever
  • B'Lao Coffee Blend - An incredibly strong, traditional dark-roast Vietnamese coffee from our hometown, B'lao (nowadays called Baoloc). Thick and intense, B’Lao is perfectly complimented with sweetened condensed milk
  • The Indochina Blend - A complex blend of two different coffees from our farms in Vietnam and Laos. Dark roasted, creamy, sweet, and balanced. This blend is recommended for espresso and is a perfect reminder for travellers of authentic Southeast Asian tastes
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  • Laos Bolaven - Single Origin, dark roast from the high altitudes of the Bolaven Plateau of Laos. Caramel, soft orange, and smoky flavors mingle in this unique coffee experience
  • Maymyo - This unique single-origin coffee is one of Myanmar's highest quality specialty coffees. Natural processed, medium roasted, good bodied giving it fruit flavors of raisin, chocolate, and almond notes