Tasse Coffee

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Don't want to jump in on a full 250g or 1kg package but want to try our coffees? Grab yourself a few Tasse Tasty Bags. 

Tasse Tasty bag is a perfect way to try multiple coffees at a reasonable price. You will choose different coffees whichever you like in 100g (3.27oz) bags. This gives you the perfect amount of coffee of each to sample and sees the differences without having excess go to waste.
  • Laos Bolaven - Single Origin, dark roast from the high altitudes of the Bolaven Plateau of Laos. Caramel, soft orange, and smoky flavors mingle in this unique coffee experience
  • Viet Legend - Smooth chocolate and sweet with low acidity, this Single Origin, medium roast coffee comes from the Central Highland of Vietnam.
  • Maymyo [SOLD OUT] - This unique single-origin coffee is one of Myanmar's highest quality specialty coffees. Natural processed, medium roasted, good bodied giving it fruit flavors of raisin, chocolate, and almond notes
  • Robusto - Bold, toasted nuts with hints of tropical fruits. This Single Origin, medium roast Robusta is a must-try. It might be the best cup of Robusta ever
  • The Indochina Blend [SOLD OUT]A complex blend of two different coffees from our farms in Vietnam and Laos. Dark roasted, creamy, sweet, and balanced. This blend is recommended for espresso and is a perfect reminder for travelers of authentic Southeast Asian tastes
  • B'Lao Coffee Blend [SOLD OUT]An incredibly strong, traditional dark-roast Vietnamese coffee from our hometown, B'lao (nowadays called Baoloc). Thick and intense, B’Lao is perfectly complimented with sweetened condensed milk

Try them out, choose your favorite, and then stock up!